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Are you saying yes to social media

What’s the news?

There are about 4 billion people around the world on social media, so it makes sense that brands focus on digital marketing as a core strategy to grow their business.

Are we convinced?

Not really, a recent survey shows that big brands are not seeing the results from social media that they expected.

Is social media an effective strategy?

The answer: It can be, but not on its own. We see social media as a tool to boost your content.

What do we think?

There are critical reasons why social media should not be your only or primary marketing strategy.

  • You don’t own your content
  • You can’t control your content placement
  • Consumers of your content start on search engines

What else?

Social media is great for building your brands personality, but publishing content on your website can increase organic traffic, you will see better long-term results than your social media posts and will continue to drive traffic long after it’s published.

— Bjorn @ Gossh

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Must have

Found on… GOTCH SEO

“How do you get more backlinks in 2021? Here are 7 untapped
link building techniques”
 – Nathan Gotch

Website Entrepreneur: Adam Dabrowski

Contemporary, London based artist

Website Entrepreneur:Adam Dabrowski

Business: adamdartist.com

Pitch: Virtual gallery to promote and sell artwork


Our Actionable Advice

Get creative: Adam didn’t set out to become an online entrepreneur. It happened because he wanted people to experience his artwork and story online by creating a virtual exhibition.

Think beta: Create your own platform and audience, so you don’t have to rely on social media as anything more than a marketing tool.

Know your drive: Know why you love what you do and let that influence your big idea.

Some of the story:

His large scale, colourful and dramatic paintings are timeless and poetic works of art that aim to provide an anchor point in our own existence and experiences.

“I paint to make a strong visual impact and tell a story” – Adam Dabrowski

He is influenced by great contemporary and modern artists that broke convention and persevered with their own style.

“I put down on the canvas the sudden visions which force themselves on me. I don’t know beforehand exactly how the vision will emerge, even less can I decide what colours to use. Each time I begin a picture, I have the feeling of throwing myself into space. I never know whether I’ll land on my feet. It’s only later that I begin to assess the effect of what I’ve done” – Adam Dabrowski

We love what Adam has achieved with both his artwork and website. We look forward to seeing Adam showcasing more of his work.

All the story: See more of Adam’s artwork, view his gallery.

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Things to know


  • Legacy media is booming: Traditional content companies have value in launching their own streaming services, or producing content for others. (Axios)

Tech and Tools

  • Video killed the content star: A SEO Split-testing study showed adding the keyword “video” or key phrase “with video” to your title tag dropped its organic reach. (SearchPilot)


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