Creative Brief

Before you start you might want to gather a couple of things to make the process a simple one. We suggest having the following ready:Brand Colours, Brand Fonts, Logo and 300 words about you or your business.

1 Step 1

Lets Get Started

Is your new convert page for Personal or Business use, please pick onepick one!
Would you like you meet and chat about your new site before we start?pick one!

The Geeky Stuff

This is really important and can be a pain if we get this information wrong, but together we can sort it, it's not rocket science, but it's cool.

Do you own your domain

If you need to purchase your domain, we suggest using as they make it easy.

The Pretty Stuff

Here we get to know you and your brand just a little bit more. You will need write some words to explain what you do.

Brand Colours

Please provide RGB /HEX colours if you know them or you can upload a pdf of you palette and we can handle the rest.

Brand Fonts

We are a big fan of google fonts, as they are free to use, you can have one for headers and one for body copy, that part is up to you. We can use your brand front, but you need to supply those to us.


Upload (.zip) what you have and we can do the rest, high res is best, prefer them to be transparent PNG or an illustrator file.

The Writing Stuff

Ok this is the fun part, you might need to start thinking about the your proposition, brand values and all that. We have also done it in way thats going to help with your sites SEO.

Keyword or Key Phrase

We need a keyword or key phrase - for example if you had a blog that focused on the Latest Fashion Trends - your keyword could be fashion or a key phrase could be fashion trends.

Describe your offering

Now we need lots of words, please describe your offering. We need you to aim for 300 words and we want to see that keyword or key phrase at least 7 times.

Lets make it shorter

Now we need to break that down to 160 characters, but it gets a little easier - we only need the keyword or key phrase mentioned once.

Lets make it even shorter

Now let's break that down to a title, you can only use 55 characters and you must start with your company name and mention the keyword or key phrase once. For example ours is: Gossh - A Digital Product Company. Our name is Gossh and our key phrase is Digital Product. That title let's people know what we are about - Now you have a go..

Nearly There

Just a couple of more things and we are nearly done

Social Accounts

What social accounts would you like to have on your site, please provide the page links below, for example our instagram page is

We love instagram so much, we like to add it your website footer and even make a gallery page to showcase your feed, would you like us to do thatpick one!

Thats Great

We need access to you instagram page, don’t worry it's all secure and we require no passwords, all we need is your @handle.


Would you like to increase your subscriber base and have sign up forms on your site. For example join your mailing list. If yes you will need to setup up a MailChimp Account.
Do you have a Google Analytics account? If yes we will be in contact so you can add us to your account. We require read only access.
Would you like us to set one up for you? If no, please go ahead and set one up, as it's important for the growth of your site.

Thats it

Don’t be surprised  if we contact you soon, most likely by email. We will need access to some of your accounts, but we never need your passwords, those are for you to hold on to, not us.