Copy and Paste in WordPress

We explain the correct way to copy and paste text from other applications into WordPress.

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Paste pre-formatted content from a Word

If you want to paste pre-formatted content from a Word or any other document application into your WordPress editing screen, but you don’t want any of the formatting or styles to come along with it.

Using the paste as text button

You can simply toggle over the Paste as Text button and WordPress will take out all of the formatting for you.

1. Paste as Text button

First, select and copy (CTRL+C) all the text in the Word document that you want to paste into WordPress.

In your Visual editor, toggle on the Toolbar to reveal additional formatting options. Then click the Paste as Text button to toggle to the on position

2. Content will appear with out formatting

Using CTRL+V, paste the Word content into the Visual editor and you will see that the content will appear with out formatting. To turn this feature off, simple click on the Paste as Text button, which will toggle the button back to the off position.

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