Creating posts in WordPress

We explain how easy it is to add a post in WordPress using the classic editor.

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Creating a new post in WordPress

If you are still using the old classic WordPress editor, then this section is for you.

Adding titles and content to your post

Your content area might look slightly different depending on whether you are using the visual or the text editor.

1. From the dashboard

Rollover on Posts » Click New Post.

2. Adding a title and content

Visual Editor is a beginner friendly text editor with formatting buttons and a nice visual layout for the content area. The first text area on the top is where you add the post title and the content area is where you will write your post.

If you decide to copy and paste your content from a document like Word, then please watch out tutorial on copy and paste in WordPress.

3. Adding Images and Media

Between the title and content fields, there is the Add Media button. This is where you can upload an image or any other media to your WordPress post.

4. Adding Categories

You can sort your posts into categories The categories meta box appear in the right-hand column below publish meta box.

5. Featured Image (Post Thumbnails)

Most WordPress themes support featured images or post thumbnails for articles. Usually, it is the last box in the right column on your post edit screen. Simply click on the set featured image link and select the image from your media library.

6. Publishing Options

The top meta box in the right hand column is labeled Publish. This is where all the publishing options for your posts are managed.

The two main options are the Save Draft button which stores a draft of the post or page that you are working on. WordPress also auto-saves your posts as you write them. The Publish button makes your WordPress post public.

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