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Don’t build your audience on rented space

What’s the news?

We have been asked this question several times this month, are all-in-one platforms (WiX, Squarespace) and social media platforms (Facebook) ok to use to build my audience?

What are all-in-one platforms?

All-in-One platforms provide multiple digital marketing tools. Product offering can include: marketing automation, campaign management, email and social marketing, lead management, landing pages and websites.

What do we think?

We say it often: don’t build your content business solely on third-party providers. Use social media as a marketing tool and you should stick with one or two social media channels where your audience is.

Build your audience on your website with regular content, like blog posts, courses, podcasts, creator coins and good old fashion newsletters, which is at the top of our list. Invite them to become subscribers (free and/or paid) so they can access your content directly through their inboxes or a log-in section on your site.

— Bjorn @ Gossh

To learn more about how our website builder uses WordPress, which allows you as the creator to build your own audience. visit our site to learn more.

Do more with Gossh

Last month we treated our Gossh 3.0 users to 2.7 million images and counting. We added a new feature called Gossh Images, where they can instantly upload photos from Unsplash to their own site without leaving the Gossh website builder. Wow… that’s a time saver!

Looking ahead with Gossh

We are not quite ready to tell you yet, but we are about to launch a new SaaS product at Gossh that will help you build your own audience. Yes we are going to keep this a secret for a little while longer, but this new product will enhance your website and business.

This month we launched another site option called Convert Pages. This is a great affordable one page site option for start ups, small business that need to generate leads, referrals and sales using our Gossh site builder.

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“Keep your eyes on the health of the platform you write on, as well as the landscape around it.” – Sean Kearnan

Website Entrepreneur: Caroline Idiens

Personal trainer creates an online classes empire with Gossh.

Website Entrepreneur: Caroline Idiens

Business: carolinescircuits.com

Pitch: A fitness platform for everyone

Channels: Instagram (3.7K)

Our Actionable Advice

Get creative: Caroline didn’t set out to become an online entrepreneur. It happened because she wanted more control of her personal training environment.

Think beta: Conduct a pilot program or test your idea before going full steam ahead into the business.

DIY: Create your own platform and audience, so you don’t have to rely on social media as anything more than a marketing tool.

Some of the story:

Caroline wanted to create a fitness platform that would appeal to everyone – to those who have exercised for years and are looking for a new challenge as well as complete beginners. Caroline’s aim is to provide classes which will motivate and inspire people to make exercise part of their lifestyle for the future.

In 2020 Caroline took her classes online and was overwhelmed with the positive response. Caroline mentioned that training via a screen during this unusual time has been incredible.

In January 2021, Caroline launched carolinescircuits.com using Gossh. Creating her own online platform allowed her to take control of her classes and most importantly her audience. Since launching Caroline’s audience has grown and she has successfully created a community that is motivating and inspiring others to get fit at home.

I have been doing Caroline’s circuits for the last 7 months, they are an essential part of my week and leave you buzzing all day!” Katie

We love what Caroline has achieved and we look forward to seeing Caroline helping many others with their fitness journey.

All the story: To learn more about Caroline, the website entrepreneur and her Fitness Platform, check out her website.

Make it real with Gossh

Live:  People this month that have turn their ideas into reality with the Gossh Website Builder. See our showcase for all stories.

The Colour House

Creates beautiful bespoke homes and interiors. Collaborating with a unique and talented team to help design and create bespoke homes and interiors.


Anna Auzins Interiors

A boutique interior design studio driven by the desire to create beautiful, functional interiors that work practically and also confer a sense of wellbeing.



Creates beautiful bespoke homes and interiors. Collaborating with a unique and talented team to help design and create bespoke homes and interiors.


Luke Hanna Nutrition

In an industry full of pseudoscience, Luke prides himself on being an ‘evidence based’ personal trainer and nutritionist.


Things to know


  • Just keep scrolling: Bigger screens no longer means desktop users won’t scroll “below the fold.” Data from Chartbeat indicates readers are scrolling through articles on desktops more than they did and scrolling has declined slightly on mobile. (Axios)

Tech and Tools

  • Creator Coins: At Gossh we see this as potential game changer that will allow content creators to build a whole new marketplace around their brand and audience, allowing both creators and their audience to participate in an expanded creator economy. (Rally.io)


  • Creating posts in WordPress: In this video tutorial we explain how easy it is to add a post in WordPress using the WordPress classic editor. Learn more
  • Passwords in WooCommerce: In this video tutorial we show how to reset a customers password in WooCommerce. Learn More

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