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You can add a button element by using the “Button” button in the WordPress editor:

You can also use the “gosbutton” shortcode in other sections outside of the editor, that support shortcodes:

[gosbutton text="Button" link="http://buttonlink.com" color="6fcc43"]


The button shortcode supports the following attributes:

    • text – the button text
    • link – the button link
    • color – the button color in a hexadecimal format
    • style – default | border – the border style applies a transparent background and only a border to the button
    • target – _self | _blank – set to open the link in the same window/tab or a new one. Use target=”_blank” to open the link in a new window:
[gosbutton text="Button" link="http://buttonlink.com" target="_blank"]
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