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Portfolio Carousel

The portfolio carousel displays a set of portfolio items. You can read about how to create portfolio items and all the options that you can set to them in the “Creating the portfolio/gallery items” section of the Portfolio Gallery template section.

You can insert a carousel anywhere in the content of your pages or posts by using the “Insert Portfolio Carousel” button of the editor buttons:

In the dialog that will be opened you can choose the portfolio category to display, set a title and setup the ordering options. The carousel will be added as a shortcode in the content of the post/page.

Customising the item thumbnails

The theme includes some options to change the appearance of the thumbnails, such as hiding the title/category of the thumbnails or removing some of the hover effects in the Gossh Options » Post & Page Settings » Portfolio Posts » Portfolio Thumbnail Settings section.

Setting a custom thumbnail height

When the carousel is added by using the content editor “Portfolio Carousel” button, you can set a custom height to its thumbnails in the “Thumbnail Height” field of the element settings. For the portfolio items that automatically include the carousel element, you can set a custom height of the thumbnails in the Gossh Options » Sliders » Portfolio Slider » Related projects carousel » “Items thumbnail height” field.

Enable album lightbox preview per item

For lightbox items the carousel would by default show a single preview image per item. If however you have added a gallery of images to the content of the item and you would like to display all of the images in the lightbox preview, you can select the “Album Preview” option in the “Lightbox Preview Type” field of the carousel element.

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