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Adding fonts

By default the theme uses the “Open Sans” (for the body text) and “Montserrat” (for the headings) Google fonts. All the fonts settings can be applied in the Gossh Options » Typography & Styles » Fonts section.

This section provides an option to change the fonts for the main body font, headings and menu:

By default you can select between the standard web-safe fonts in the font options. However, you can also add custom Google fonts.

Adding google fonts

You can browse the Google Fonts library here

In order to use Google Fonts, the field “Enable Google Fonts” should be set to “ON”. You can add additional fonts in the “Add Google Font” section.

In the Font Name / Font Family you have to either insert the font name of the font or a font family.

In the Font URL field you have to insert the URL of the font file.



If you would like to use the Nobile font, click on the “Quick Use” button.

In the Font Name / Font Family field you have to insert the font family that Google Provides, in this case:
‘Nobile’, sans-serif

In the Font URL you have to insert the font file URL only (not the entire embed link), in this case:

After you click on the “Add Font” option, this font will be automatically added to the default theme font list where you can choose what fonts to apply to the elements

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