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Whats included

Gossh frame work has some additional plugins, that we like to use.

  • Classic Editor – this is the only plugin that is required by the framework. You will need this plugin in order to add the theme elements to the content of your pages and posts.
  • Gossh Portfolio Items widget – its purpose is to display the latest portfolio thumbnails in the sidebar
  • Gossh Recent Posts widget – its purpose is to display the latest blog posts with thumbnails in the sidebar
  • WP PageNavi – displays an advanced blog pagination

All the plugins are bundled with the a new theme or installed by default if you are a sites customer. When you activate the theme a message saying that the theme recommends these plugins will be displayed in the top section of the admin pages. You can either install the plugins you need or dismiss the message by clicking on the “Dismiss this notice” link.

If you decide to install any of the plugins later, you can access the recommended plugins page in the Appearance » Install Plugins section.

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