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Fade Slider

Adding images

In order to add images to this slider you have to go to the Gossh » Fade Slider section. All you have to do is to upload the selected image (or add its URL), fill the fields with the data you would like to display in the slider and press the “ADD” button. After that the image is automatically saved for the slider.

Changing the image order

Once you add the images, you can change their order by dragging and dropping the image container to the desired place. After you change their order, in order the new order to be saved, you have to click on the “Save Order” button that would appear right above the images:

Creating additional fade sliders

If you would like to add a new slider with a different image set, you have to click on the “Add new Fade slider” button located in the top section of the page and insert its name in the dialog box that will be displayed. After that a section for the additional slider images will be created so that you can set the new images to it.

Changing the slider options

You can change the default slider options such as setting automatic image resizing and changing slider speed in the Gossh Options » Sliders » Fade Slider section.

Default crop image size: 1500px × 550px . The image height can be changed in the slider options section. Please note that although the images are set in static crop sizes, display size depends on the browser window size, as the slider is always as wide as the window.

Adding a slider to a page

Setting the slider as a header of the page

You can select the name and type of the slider that you would like to display in a page in the “Page Slider/Header” field of the page settings section (located below the main content editor)

Adding the slider to the content of the page

You can read more on how to add the slider to the content of the page in the Fade slider in page/post content section

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