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Quick/Easy Gallery Page

This is the default WordPress image gallery – the purpose of this gallery is to insert multiple images at once – you can very quickly create multiple galleries just for several minutes.

In order to create a quick gallery you have to:

1.Create a new page (you don’t have to set a page template to it)

2.Click on the “Add Media” button above the main content area:

3. Open the “Create Gallery” section. If you would like to upload new images click on the “Upload Files” tab and upload the images. If you would like to add existing Media Library images, click on the “Media Library” tab and select the images you like. After you select the images, click on the “Create a new gallery” button.

4. After this when you click on each image in the gallery, you can set a caption that will be displayed below the image thumbnail in the “Caption” field and also you can set a description that will be displayed in the Lightbox preview in the “Description” field of the image.

5. Use the “Gallery Settings” section to change the gallery settings:

6. In the “Link to” select “Media File” and in the “Gallery Columns” field select the number of columns you would like to display.
7. Click on the “Insert Gallery” button.

Setting a full-width quick gallery in the full-width custom page template

By default the quick gallery is displayed in a boxed layout when added to a Full-width custom page template. If you would like to set a full-width layout, you can do this in the “Full-width pages gallery layout” field of the Gossh Options » Media Settings » Quick Gallery.

Gallery options

The quick gallery options section can be found in Gossh Options » Media Settings » Quick Gallery section. For the different post types (post / page / portfolio) you can enable/disable the masonry layout and if the masonry layout is disabled you can set a default static height to the thumbnail images.

Setting a custom image height to the different galleries

By default you can select the default gallery thumbnail height for the different post/page types in the Gossh Options » Media Settings » Quick Gallery section. If however you would like to set a different height to two different galleries from the same post type, you can do this by adding the “thumbnail_height” attribute to the gallery shortcode. In order to edit the gallery shortcode, click on the “Text” tab of the content editor, the gallery shortcode should look like this:

if for example you would like to set a height of 300 pixels to that gallery, you can apply this value by adding the thumbnail_height attribute, like this:

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