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The Default Page

When you create a new page from the Pages » Add New section, the “Default Template” is assigned to the page by default. The default page template is a standard page template that can be with a sidebar or full-width layout and can contain custom content.

Setting the page layout

For this page you can select the layout to be Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar or Full Width. You can do this by setting the custom field Page Layout of the page:

Selecting a sidebar

By default this page template uses the Default Sidebar. If you would like to use another sidebar, you can create one in the Story Options » General » Sidebars section and after that you can set the custom field Sidebar and select the sidebar that you have just created. To customise it you have to go to the Appearance » Widgets and find the selected sidebar. You can drag and drop widgets from the left into it.

Setting a slider to the page

You can select the type of header on the page in the Page Slider/Header custom field of the page. In this field you can select between Fade slider, Content slider and None.

– If you select a slider, you can read about how to create and setup the slider in the Sliders section. Applying a custom background color and background image to the page header

You can read about how to apply a custom background color and background image to the page header in the Changing the default background color and image section.

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