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Changing the default background color and image

You can set a custom background image and background colour to the header section:

There are two ways to apply these settings:

  • Globally for all the pages – the colour you set in the Appearance » Customise » Header Colour Settings » Header Background Colour field will be set as a header colour for all the pages. You can also set a background image for all the pages in the Gossh Options » Header Settings » General » Header background image field.
  • Custom for each page – you can apply a custom background colour and background image for each page in the Header Background field of the settings section of the page:

You can also apply an overlay background to the header section to improve the readability and visibility of the menu links and the other elements, especially when using light images.

You can enable this overlay background in the Gossh Options » Header Settings » General » Set a transparent overlay background to the top header field.

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