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Header title section

The title in the header section is displayed by default on all the pages (created from the Pages » Add New section). By default the title contains the default page title, if you would like to set a custom title you can do this in the Title Options » Custom Page Title section and you can set the header subtitle in the Title Options » Page Subtitle field of the page settings section.

Showing/hiding the page title

The page title is always displayed by default, there are two ways to set whether to show it or not:

  • Globally for all the pages you can select whether to show the pages title in the Gossh Options » Post & Page Settings » Pages » Display page title field.
  • For each page in the Display Page Title custom field of the page. By default this field is set to apply the globally selected option, but you can also select the “Show” or “Hide” option for the page specifically.

Enable/disable parallax effects to the title section

When this option is enabled, the title opacity and default position changes and the background image in the header is set to a fixed position. You can enable/disable this option in the Gossh Options » Header Settings » General » “Enable header parallax effects” section.

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