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Setting the menu

Our Gossh Framework has a custom menu by using the WordPress Custom Menus functionality, as it is more flexible and very easy to work with. To learn how to create a WordPress Custom Menu, you can follow the instructions below.

Here are the steps you have to follow in order to set the menu:

1. Go to Appearance » Menus. To create the menu click on the “Create a new menu” link.

2. After you create the menu, add a Page, Category and custom links from the left sidebar.

3. Then click on the “Manage Locations” tab section and select the menu that you have created in the “Gossh Theme Main Menu” field.

Setting a mega drop-down menu

By default all of the submenu items will be displays as a standard drop-down menu. You can select which parent menu items will contain a mega menu in the Gossh Options » Header Settings » Mega Menu section.

If you don’t see any menu items in this section, please make sure that you have assigned a custom menu in the Appearance » Menus » Theme Locations » Gossh Theme Main Menu (as explained above) and that you have added menu items to that custom menu.

The Mega Menu Structure

Once you enable a mega menu for a specific menu item, every direct submenu item of this menu item will form a column in the mega menu and the second level of the submenu items will be the links displayed in the corresponding column.

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