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What’s the news?

This week we launched the the Gossh Marketplace (don’t worry, this isn’t a fluff promo piece to impress the boss.)

What is the Gossh Marketplace?

The marketplace is for experts that are experienced third-party designers and creators. They are all reviewed for their years of experience and quality of work. Our Gossh Experts can help create content, finish an existing site, or build a new one with our website builder.

So what?

That makes it a good time to talk about our vision. From the very beginning we set out to connect people with what matters most — the experience and to help the content creators become website entrepreneurs.

What do we think?

We say it often: concentrate on what you are good at, and do that one thing really well. This allows you as the entrepreneur to grow your business.

We believe that the marketplace allows you to save time. Our advise would be for you to spend time where you’re needed most and let one of our Gossh Experts work their magic.

What else?

We have some amazing designers with outstanding results. Yes our list is small but we plan to extend over the coming months. We believe our experts can bring the strategic and creative thinking that makes your website stand out from the rest.

— Bjorn @ Gossh

To learn more about how our website builder uses WordPress, which allows you as the creator to build your own audience. visit our site to learn more.

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Introducing our trusted, independent creators.

Make Fun Creating

Bringing your products and services to life using professional, sketch style illustrations and hand illustrated explainer videos, that are proven to grab attention and maintain engagement.

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Website design, branding and digital marketing agency that provides insight, data, creativity and technical excellence – everything you need to launch, grow or reestablish a brand across all aspects of a tech driven world.

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Looking ahead with Gossh

Design is at the heart of almost everything we do. From how we spend our time and how we understand the world, to the way we connect with people.

We believe it’s the journey from our earliest ideas, to the incredible things we build. Design has come a long way over the last couple of years and so have we.

Today, Gossh is much more than a website builder, It’s a home for the entire creative process, it’s where you can do your best work and share it with the world.

Every idea needs a place to grow, to evolve, to become something bigger. As we look ahead we want to develop more products to help you become website entrepreneurs.

Scheduling — All for one. One for all.

In our last newsletter we teased you with a new product from us. It’s here… will nearly. Our new product “Gossh Scheduling” is still in beta testing and we hope to allow people to sign up in the coming months.

Quick overview: With Gossh Scheduling, your clients can quickly view your availability and book their own appointments, classes, accommodation or even tables at your restaurant. They can even pay online and reschedule with a click. Never ask “what time works for you?” again.

All this, in one calendar.

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Seen on… Newsletter Glue

“Every rejection is a tiny piece of feedback to help you improve.”
– Lesley Sim

Website Entrepreneur: Sally Bocquet

Creating surprise video gifts for special celebrations with Gossh.

Website Entrepreneur: Sally Bocquet

Business: thevideomessagecompany.com

Pitch: Personalised videos from friends and family near and far

Channels: Instagram, Facebook

Our Actionable Advice

Get creative: Sally didn’t set out to become an online entrepreneur. It happened because because of a simple idea of bringing people together.

Think beta: Sally conducted a pilot program and tested her idea with friends and family before going full steam ahead into the business

DIY: Create your own platform and audience, so you don’t have to rely on social media as anything more than a marketing tool.

Narrow your niche: “If I want to talk to everybody and want to talk about everything, I’ll never reach anybody.”

Some of the story:

Sally has over 20 years’ experience in media including working on TV shows like Blind Date and the Big Breakfast, but it was her experience on This Is Your Life that gave her the idea for the business.

“The video messages on the show would always get a wonderful reaction” – Sally Bocquet

When Sally found out that her husband was going to be in Canada for a milestone birthday, Sally decided to make him a video, a short message from her and the kids, but there were so many friends and family who wanted to be included, that Sally ended up producing a 15-minute compilation with music and titles. Sally’s husband was so surprised to watch it on the morning of his birthday and he absolutely loved it.

Sally got such a great reaction from everyone who watched it and so many requests for video message compilations from other people, that Sally decided to turn it into a business’.

“I had a birthday in November and The Video Message Company made a compilation of messages from friends and family. It was SPECTACULAR. Especially fantastic as I could not travel anywhere to see anyone. It made my day.” –  Susan, New York

We love what Sally has achieved and we look forward to seeing Sally bringing more people together for those special celebrations.

All the story: To learn more about Sally, the website entrepreneur and how she creates those ever lasting memories, check out her website.

Make it real with Gossh

Live:  People this month that have turn their ideas into reality with the Gossh Website Builder. See our showcase for all stories.

Ageless Saint or Sinner

Ageless Saint or Sinner, creating your own personal style with their collection of streetwear clothing. Their range of affordable yet stylish and edgy clothing to suit people of all ages and backgrounds.


Convert Pages with Gossh

Live: People this month converting their ideas into a single page to generate leads, increase organic reach or simply just getting started with the Gossh Website Builder. See our showcase for all stories.

Vik Sharma

Founded in 2005 by Mr Vik Sharma, LondonOC’s clinic has grown into a busy ophthalmology clinic specialising in Glaucoma and Cataract treatment.


Spinal Surgery

The London Neurosurgery Partnership is a team of spinal specialists working together to deliver world class care to patients with spine symptoms and conditions.


Cataract Clinic

London Ophthalmology Centre is an award winning cataract clinic with specialist cataract doctors.


Glaucoma Clinic

London Ophthalmology Centre is an award winning glaucoma clinic with glaucoma surgeons.


Things to know


  • Zero Subscribers: Everyone starts from no subscribers when they start a newsletter. Our advise would be don’t aim big, figure out your niche, audience and then come up with a plan to grow your subscribers. See how to start a newsletter. (Newsletter Glue)

Tech and Tools

  • Instagram likes: 2 years ago Instagram tested removing likes from public view. Facebook and Instagram have now decided to leave it up to users on both platforms if they want them off on your feed or on a per-post basis. it’s up to users. (Platformer)


  • Menus in WordPress: In this video tutorial we explain how easy the WordPress custom menus are to use and how they offer the flexibility you need. Learn more
  • Coupons in WooCommerce: In this video tutorial we explain how to use coupons in WooCommerce and how you can tailor them to your store. Learn More

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