Jonathan Ramsay

Male Fertility

Urologist specialising in male fertility

Jonathan believes human fertility encompasses biology, emotion and psychology, and that it's really important that he supports his patients across all these fronts where possible.


Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Mr Jonathan Ramsay is a Consultant Urologist specialising in male fertility investigation and treatment. Jonathan works closely with men of all ages and particularly supports their health and well-being on their fertility journey. His role as a urologist working in fertility care makes him unique; he is one of just a few in the country.


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Changing the face of male fertility

With over 30 years’ experience, Mr Ramsay has helped to change the way that couple’s fertility is investigated and treated. For years, fertility clinics focused on helping only the women, whereas Mr Ramsay works on the fact that 50% of all infertility causes are caused by male factor and therefore must be equally investigated.


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