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Love Struck Interiors are firm believers in adding a little spice to your home - interesting pieces that stand out are what they are about

The Kids Rule

“It all started with the ‘Kids Rule’ Giant Ruler Height Chart and over the years the height chart has been tweaked and changed and to be totally honest we think it’s now simply perfect!”


Amy Dhala

It all began when I struggled to find a unique christening gift for some gorgeous twins. It had to be unisex, functional and visual so not only the twins but the whole family could enjoy it.

I also didn’t want it to be thrown away or forgotten about for 30 years. I wanted to get them a beautiful home accessory but the house it was going in was insanely stylish and I didn’t want the gift to ruin the look they’d spent so long crafting. So I got my thinking cap on.


How Amy shares her work on Gossh

Start with one of our beautiful commerce templates, then by changing the colour palette or adding a feature like photo galleries and cover images.

How did it all begin?

"We have the classic ‘kitchen table’ story as to how Lovestruck Interiors came to be. I’ve been very lucky and our home accessories business soon grew from the kitchen table, to a very leaky, cold garage to a dedicated studio space in Wimbledon"
Amy Dhala


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