Menus in WordPress

We explain how easy the WordPress custom menus are to use and how they offer the flexibility you need.

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Navigation Menus in WordPress

Our Gossh Framework has a menu option, that uses the WordPress Custom Menus functionality, its more flexible and easy to work with.

Adding Items to a Custom Navigation Menu

WordPress displays the number of revisions under the ‘Document’ panel on the post/page edit screen.

1. From the dashboard

Go to Appearance » Menus.

2. Adding menu items

After selecting the menu, you can add a Page, Category and custom links from the left sidebar. After adding the new menu items, click the Save Menu button.

4. Arranging Items in a Custom Navigation Menu

You probably noticed that each menu item you added is arranged in the order you added them. Don’t worry you can easily rearrange your WordPress menu items in any order you want.

Just simply drag and drop a menu item to adjust its position in the menu. After arranging the menu items, click the Save Menu button

5. Editing or Removing Menu Items

When you add pages or categories to your custom navigation menu, WordPress uses the page title or category name as the link text. You can change this if you want.

Any menu item can be edited by clicking on the downward arrow next to it.

You can change the name of the menu item here. This is also where you can click ‘Remove’ to take the link off your menu altogether.

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