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I am passionate about creating environments that tell a visual story and take you on an emotional journey or fun adventure.

Modern Artful Interior Design

Begin your narrative with Michelle Boudreau Design to unfold a visual story that is your own.


Michelle Boudreau

Drawing upon her 20-year international experience in the design industry, Michelle has been influenced by the palpable creative culture living in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Her signature modern interior design style encourages the mingling of new, original forms, and architecturally clean shapes with thoughtful details rich in vintage aesthetics. This dialogue comes together to create intrigue and liveability, while honouring the unique location and personal distinction with each client.


How Michelle Boudreau shares her work on Gossh

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Unique individuality and character.

"Your home is a painting of your personality, it should portray your unique individuality and character" Michelle Boudreau


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