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Its' founder Natalie brings over 20 years of experience in the art world to her clients. Having worked in galleries in Mayfair, where she curated high profile exhibitions and managed several emerging and established artists.



Natalie’s aim with MORGAN-DAVIES ART is to bring an experienced, talented, and discerning eye for art that helps you filter great art from the average.

With that in mind, Natalie spends an enormous amount of hours putting that experience to work, choosing the right artists and the right artwork that she believes represent great investments, both visually and financially. She stocks an exciting range of contemporary artists, dealing in paintings, prints, photography and sculpture. Artists can also work to commission if clients require a specific look or size of work for their interior.


How Natalie shares her work on Gossh

Start with one of our beautiful portfolio templates, then by changing the colour palette or adding a feature like photo galleries.

Natalie offers an excellent bespoke art sourcing service.

Not only does she supply clients and designers with specific works of art from a wider base, but a complimentary art consultancy service is also available, where Natalie will assess an interior and source the perfect art to complete a client’s interior scheme.


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