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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about managing your Gossh account.

  • Managing your payment methods

    Payment methods can be managed from Account Settings > Payment Methods ↗

    Once logged in, you can do the following.

    • Set a default payment method for future transactions
    • Delete a payment method from their account
    • Add a new payment method to their account

    Adding a new payment Method

    1. Account Settings > Payment Methods ↗
    2. Click Add payment method

    Adding a new card number

    1. Add new card number
    2. Check the tick box - If this is not showing please move to the next step
    3. Click Add payment method

    Default payment method

    After adding a new payment method, please then set your new card as the default payment method.

    1. Set your new card to default and delete your old card


  • Managing your failed payments

    On occasion, a renewal order may need payment either because:

    • Manual renewal payment is required
    • Last automatic renewal payment failed

    If payment is required on your renewal order, a Pay button is displayed next to the order under Related Orders. First update your Payment Method ↗

    1. Account Settings > View Subscription↗
    2. Click the Pay button and follow the on screen instructions

  • Change your password

    You can manage your password from your Account Settings > Account Details ↗