Fitness. Nutrition. Wellness.

What's your goal? Whether it's linked to fitness, nutrition, wellness or all three, The Life Plan have a programme tailored to you.

What is The Life Plan?

The Life Plan is an online platform providing flexible programmes centred around fitness, nutrition and wellness. Programmes chosen by you and led by us, ensure our members' goals are met and results delivered.


Lucy Nelson

One of the founders of The Life Plan and a Personal Trainer, bringing you all the HIIT workouts, running and walking plans, live workouts and keeping you motivated. Here's a little bit about me...


Amelia Marchant

Amelia is a registered Dietitian and one of the founders of The Life Plan.Amelia brings you all the nutrition content, advice, tips and recipes. Here's a little bit about me...


How The Life Plan shares their work on Gossh

Start with one of our commerce templates, then by changing the colour palette or adding a feature like photo galleries, subscriptions and memberships.

We will be with you every step of the way

We want you to reach your goals. The Life Plan offers programmes that are easy to follow with tailored fitness, nutrition and wellness advice, live workouts and so much more.


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