Join us for a Gossh webinar where you’ll learn the basics and refine your digital marketing skills.


These one-hour sessions will help you with your site and get comfortable with the Gossh features, all without leaving your desk. New customers are welcome—no website required. The Gossh Team will stand by to answer your questions live.

Getting started with Gossh

In our Getting Started with Gossh webinar, we’ll walk you through the basics of setting up your site and help you get comfortable with the Gossh platform.

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Is your website converting?

Even small improvements to your website can result in huge gains in: performance, sales, email subscribers, larger purchases. This webinar will help you convert your website in a methodical fashion, time after time. We hope it helps your business grow!

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Building your audience

Engage beyond emails by leveraging modern channels of customer communication. Keep your visitors coming back with custom, scheduleable, dynamic, and even automated web notifications.

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Analyse – get more traffic

Do you want more traffic your website? At Gossh we are determined to make businesses successful.This webinar covers what our analyse tool can do.

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Webinars FAQs

What do I need to sign up for a webinar?

An email address you can access to receive the Join link, and a browser that meets Zoom's technical requirements. Zoom is the platform we use to broadcast webinars.

You don’t need a Gossh account to sign up, so this is a great way to see if Gossh is right for you.

Will there be a recording of the webinar?

Yes. After the webinar, we’ll email you a link to the recording that you can watch at your convenience, as long as you signed up in advance.

Is closed captioning available?

We are exploring how to best offer closed captioning in our webinars.

How do I join the webinar?

You’ll receive an email with the link to join once you have registered for the session. Clicking this link on the day/time of the session will automatically download Zoom to your computer and open the webinar.

To watch webinars on your mobile device, download the Zoom app.

I can't see or hear anything. What should I do?

To fix the issue, quit the Zoom application, and then log back in by clicking the link in the invite email.

Are webinars available in other languages?

Currently, Gossh webinars are available in English.