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design partner.

Deliver a simple, code-free web design service. With Gossh, spend less time troubleshooting and more time designing.

Become a design partner

Become a design partner

Please complete the form below. Design partners must have at least two years of experience in website design and showcase their work on a website or portfolio.

Build your web design business with Gossh.

Become a Gossh design partner and learn from leading website designers and creative entrepreneurs. We provide the knowledge, tools, and support you need to find clients and grow your business.

Partner Support

Supporting; you and your clients.

Your days of worrying about hosting, security and updates are over. As a Gossh partner, we look after all that for you. You won’t need to think about it again.

Everything you expected and more, you’ll see.

Your clients pay their subscription to Gossh. Our site options include hosting — plus some extras, like no traffic limits and storage and none of those hidden costs.

The site builder for designers.

Your clients will need minimal training and support, freeing you up to focus on design.

Website management

Full flexibility. Complete control.

The Gossh dashboard allows you to access all your client’s websites in one place, with easy control from WordPress to plugin updates.

Take control of your websites.

Our website builder is Woocommerce-ready and gives you all you need to run and grow your online business. 

Simple admin tools.

You can easily add, edit and remove websites from your dashboard; and manage plugins and updates. Plus, you can log in direct to all your websites; right from the dashboard.


Our blog

The latest news, tutorials and inspiration to make you say, “I wish I’d done that!”. From websites, you can make with Gossh; to insights from the people who make Gossh happen.

Become a Gossh partner.

Contact us about becoming a Gossh partner. From design to referrals, we can help your business grow.

Free for you to be a partner and use Gossh.

Your clients pay their subscription to Gossh.

Get warm web design leads from Gossh.

Join as a Gossh partner and get 50% off your business website per month.

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