Gossh Cloud Changelog

March 20, 2024

  • Help video functionality inside the builder
  • Added variable fonts
  • Text highlight colour
  • Dynamic Image for Video cover
  • Added fade option for Carousel element and Slider option in blocks
  • Added 'Open in new tab' option for internal page links
  • Added Underline for links on hover
  • Changed UI for Dynamic population option
  • Text element performance with colour change
  • Drag & drop functionality not working outside the visible viewport
  • Button & Icon element hover background colours not showing the correct colour
  • Copy/Paste for Text element with colour gradient
  • Text element with selection for text-transform
  • Global Typography in responsive viewports
  • Mask for Text element when using Dynamic Image not working
  • Text element broken error
  • Screenshots for blocks inside Reorder sidebar
  • Comments elements
  • Breadcrumbs title for non-ascii code
  • Mask for Text element when using Dynamic Image not working
  • Switcher element cursor not showing pointer


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