Gossh WordPress Changelog

June 21, 2024

  • Help video functionality inside the builder
  • Added variable fonts
  • Text highlight colour
  • Add Right Click Context Menu to Tabs Element
  • tooltip message when saving draft pages
  • 16 new templates.
  • Added corner radius styling for tabs in Tab Element
  • Added ability to filter by keywords in the element panel
  • Added ability to delete duplicate buttons or icons at once
  • Added Use system default fonts instead of Google or custom fonts
  • Added title and tags for global blocks
  • Added delete option for form integrations
  • Added Internal Link on the link option for all elements
  • Added 26 new premade design templates
  • Added custom video URL for Block background
  • Added copy/paste styles for Text element
  • Added mask option for all containers
  • Added option to sort tags alphabetically in the Accordion element
  • Added vertical space option for Accordion element
  • Add width in px for the boxed option on Blocks
  • Tags and Titles for saved blocks and saved layouts
  • Advanced Hover animation
  • Added a Getting Started Page for easier onboarding
  • Added left sidebar config (module groups in config)
  • Codemirror plugins
  • Core-js library
  • Added fade option for Carousel element and Slider option in blocks
  • Added 'Open in new tab' option for internal page links
  • Added Underline for links on hover
  • Changed UI for Dynamic population option
  • Text element performance with colour change
  • Drag and drop functionality not working outside the visible viewport
  • Copy and Paste for Text element with colour gradient
  • Selecting all text via shortcut and then writing does not show new texts
  • Text element with selection for text-transform
  • Mask for Text element when using Dynamic Image not working
  • Screenshots for blocks inside Reorder sidebar
  • Global Typography in responsive viewports
  • Text element broken error


March 24, 2023

  • New eye dropper feature for colours
  • Preparations for future UI colour themes
  • Twitter library
  • Minified CSS in HTML
  • Editor strings improvements
  • Visual cues for options inside the builder
  • Value for Form checkbox was sent in lead even if empty
  • Background Vimeo video is getting zoomed in preview mode
  • Right Sidebar advanced settings for icons and buttons
  • Losing global styling in Text element after refresh
  • Text on top of custom video is pushed under the video in preview
  • Made it more clear what video formats can be added for custom video URLs
  • Removed black strip on the top of the custom video
  • Broken Links checker is reporting incorrect image URLs
  • Conflicts with SiteGround Optimiser
  • The possibility to disable our meta tag viewport, viewport meta tag was duplicated in some cases
  • The disappearance of texts in the editor when TranslatePress is enabled
  • Screenshots
  • Section Background Image
  • Excerpt element is saving the font family from the post title
  • Typography styles for dynamic content in Text element
  • Capitalise dynamic content for Text element
  • Posts include or exclude query
  • Timeline horizontal style in preview
  • Losing global styling in Text element after refresh
  • Mobile hamburger menu items scroll bar
  • Blurred image in Carousel element
  • Posts pagination when Blocky theme is activated
  • Copy style from text to dynamic content
  • Copy error when menu is not selected in the Menu element
  • HubSpot connection
  • Compatibility with php 8.1


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